“Gratitude is riches. Complain is poverty” CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HYMNAL

This chapter start with this quote. Magic Money is a reminder of all that we had till now. Beginning from the day we have entered into this world, we had and still lot of things which need money. Your everyday essentials to our education to the luxuries, to the way we travel, what we ate, where we slept, everything need money and we definitely had it.

Have I been grateful enough for the chair I am sitting on because that also come from money. We worry a lot about our finances and we thank a little to the money we have in terms of goods around us. “Worrying is a loss and gratitude is a gain. “

The book asks about to go back to our childhood to now and think about all the things we had like food, home, education for years, went school each day, school books, lunch, vacations, birthday gifts, toys, clothes, pursue a hobby, play sports, learned a instrument, go to doctor for medicine, daily essentials, travel, television, light, electricity, water, phone etc.

All of these things cost money and you have received them all at no charge. So before we worry about our finances let’s be thankful about all we have been recieving.

The task is to take a dollar bill and write on a sticker that you place on the bill in big bold letters “THANKYOU FOR ALL THE MONEY I HAVE BEEN GIVEN THROUGHOUT MY LIFE” And take this magic dollar bill with you today and at least once in morning, afternoon or as many times as you want hold it in your hands. Read the written words and be truly grateful for the abundance of money you have been given.

After today put is somewhere you will see it every day to remind you to continue to be grateful for the money you have been receiving.

In the morning practice “count your blessings” and “magic rock” in the night.

Stay tuned for next day task. Be grateful.

I don’t own the copyright of the book.

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