To all Married women

To all the married women around the world… You might be very intelligent,

Very reflective, very reasonable and so on.. But all of that doesn’t matter once you get married..

Specially to the family you are going in. They don’t need it,, the only thing they is a docile homely women. Who doesn’t have an opinion of her own..

And for that matter don’t even try giving your opinion,, because to you it might be very valuable or very meaningful but to them it’s insulting by a member who don’t know the rules of the family or doesn’t how they have been living.

And you know what don’t ever correct them… They just can’t take it..

Because they have lived like this for decades and for them thats how it is.. And you better them be..

Because your sanity is your sanity you have attained that with certain amount of experiences and also how you chose to look at those experiences.. They might also had the same experiences but they didn’t choose to look it the way you look it..

They are right where they are and if you might not have been a daughter-in-law they might have taken your advice but now you are just a daughter-in-law who is all good as long as she is quite, happy and docile..

But where will you keep all those thoughts which keep irritating you time to time..

Make your silence your power,

Create something with all the logics you have in your mind.

You are powerful inside and you don’t necessarily need to reach to people who are not ready who are not willing,

Who don’t want to be awakened

So don’t waste your time on people invest your time on something big, some thing of your own, something that will belong to you.. That is your soul

Invest in your soul,

being married is just a situation where you are living with strangers who you will be knowing one day but don’t forget your soul in this journey.

I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.


Free your soul..

4 thoughts on “To all Married women

  1. Oh, you poor thing! If you want to persevere, compassion is a wonderful tool. Because this behavior goes beyond decades; this is human suffering writ large in front of you, and has been played out for way longer than a few decades. Hugs…

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