Counselling ethics

In this era of technological changes and advancement counselling ethics haven’t changed but have become a challenge and confusing for any counselor.

Starting from the first and most important ethic of counselling, Confidentiality is important as well as a challenge in today’s time because of the way data and confidential information are being kept and can be retrieved or accessed by hacker and every other individual who has some knowledge about technical word.

But now adays confidentiality comes secondary and there are few recent trends which counselors need to keep in mind like

It’s their duty to keep parents informed about what they are doing with their child irrespective of the fact that this might hamper the confidentiality of the sessions.

Duty to warn comes second, whenever a counselor come across any kind of threat to anybody from any of their client or to the client himself then they are suppose to disclose certain information to the warn the police or to the person who might get harmed by them..

Reporting child abuse there is clear law about reporting the child abuse the only confusion is when, because child may not be clear about certain act of people or whether it is sure that they are being abuse or may be it will be threatful for child if abuser is very close, so keeping it safe for the child report when it is safe for the child.

Beside these recent trends there are also situation where counselor have to give away the ethic of confidentiality,

If the counselor is asked by the court,

If the counselor is working as an expert witness in any counselling case (again if instructed by the court)

If client has committed some crime.

If counselor need some expert advise.

If other counselor have also come across similar concerns, do write back

One thought on “Counselling ethics

  1. Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    I am glad I never became an official counselor. I always stayed a friend in need, or a complete stranger who you will never meet again. Nor, would I ever need to narrate anybody’s situation to anyone since there’s not a lack of stories that my mind can’t cook to convey my point across. With all those strings attached to the counselors now-a-days, I’d NEVER seek one since I’m not allowed to be “human” via those many rules. Hence, I’m happy and perfectly alright with being an “informal” counselor with whom anybody can say anything without any fear or consequence that you listed here.


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