Art time out.

Just like any other form of art or close to nature thing.. Putting your thoughts on paper with colors can also be healing and it is more healing when you struggle with what to express..

During this art time out session you will see lot of emotions going up and down in the person.

Both of us were enjoying the task but I had lot of opportunities to know in this task about how does a person think about himself or herself..

Art doesn’t just help in knowing the present emotion but also what the person has experienced in past years of life..

There is lot more to explore in a person through any art form..

Looking forward for more such experience with young artist struggling to deal with everyday emotions..

Share your experiences with me.. If you have any such experience.

One thought on “Art time out.

  1. Hi, thanks for your post. I trained as an artist and use art media in my psychotherapy work. As you mention it can be a way for us to explore and express experiences that are difficult or maybe even impossible to put into words. Or are too painful to talk about. You’re right: it can be very healing. And it isn’t about being able to draw or be ‘good’ at art. Just about using different media to bring something out into the world.

    Look forward to reading more of your posts.

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