A lifetime packing “28 years in a bag”

This is kind of very heavy feeling and I am curious to know from every one who has ever done that in their life to pack up completely from one place to another in just a bag..

All the feelings

All the memories

And the space you live in..

More than that not seeing same things around you..

Same people around you..

The smell of that space.,, same curtains may be

Or the kind of lighting

Or the setup

How can i pack all that in a bag and move

If kept me heavy for a long time

But the new beginning gives hope, it gives light

It gives the feeling of something fresh..

This ambivalent emotion of a girl in this world can only be felt by a person who has lived this feeling to pack and unpack a whole life..

Waiting to listen from you all..


12 thoughts on “A lifetime packing “28 years in a bag”

  1. Funny… I was just listening to Krishnamurti talk about how the brain wants permanence (https://youtu.be/K_qwbiwtzqM) so, yes, sumofmyparts, you’re right. I moved from the UK to the US with a small suitcase when I was 28. Now I have a wife, two grown up sons, a cat and many suitcases. But people are like plants: some thrive in new conditions, others don’t. Be aware (haha!), be open, and if you’re sad and missing home after a year, then go back.

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  2. I did that, literally. Three years ago I moved to England with only one cabin bag to a city I had never been in or knew anyone. Right now I had to go back to where I departed from, because packing everything didn’t work out well for me. Each person is a person though, a different way of living, feeling, and healing… Hugs.

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  3. I did that almost seven years ago and still am amazed that I moved to a new country with only a suitcase and a bag. And yes I still miss home from time to time and the people, but I have also built a new home with new people… I took a small “treasure box” with me with my favourite photos, letters tickets etc and still look through them from time to time, but we also get to fill a new box with new memories and adventures! Wishing you the best og luck for your new journey!

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  4. I haven’t done this as an adult, but I moved a lot as a kid – twice across country. It’s a very surreal thing, to feel like you went to bed in one state and woke up two time zones away. 😳

    Heavy and also liberating.

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  5. I have been here before, definitely. I know I’m replying late and i’m hoping that your transition gave you lots of evolution and growth. Change is hard, but there is nothing worse than being stuck somewhere you don’t feel you belong. Follow your intuition and let your guides lead you where you belong. You will always end up in the right place.

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