Start your day with count my blessings.

This day and this chapter of the book has a very deep message for all of us following this. We all go through those tough times when we all struggle to pay our bills and struggle to arrange finances. And in those time being grateful becomes a challenge.

In this book wants us to be thankful in a very different way, so if you don’t have money you may want to think I hope I will have money to pay my bills. But here we have to be thankful in a different way for both the situation when you had the money and when you didn’t.

The task, collect 10 unpaid bills and write “THANKYOU FOR THE MONEY” on those bills and collect 10 paid bills and write “THANKYOU PAID”.

Stay tuned for next task. Be grateful. Stay in abundance.

I don’t own the copyright of the book. Thank you RHONDA BYRNE.

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