Therapist as a weaver

This thought has been alive to me in many moments, but beginning of this started 9 years back when therapy was just a subject to me. But gradually it has become a practice.

Being a mental health professionals you tend to start thinking about all those moments which are not present but is present in those silences, when a person is sitting in front of you and struggling to utter anything.

This profession doesn’t only talk about what others is struggling with but also the one who choses this profession has a lot to do with those internal struggles.

I have written few lines about it in Hindi, I will surely translate it and share it with you all soon but the gist of it is

“Therapist as a Weaver”

and in one of my classes back then our professor shared a beautiful poem by written by Gulzar

Julahe – Weaver

The poem is very close to what a person struggles with while making a relation and in the poem I have talked about how and why a therapist would retake the journey of weaving any relation with the client again.

Stay connected, stay tuned, stay happy.


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