counselor’s thought

This mental health month, there are few thoughts I want to share with you all about everyday living, about confidence, about competition, about being yourself, about trust, experience and understanding your relations.

These are my few earlier blogs which I have compiled in one. See if you feel the same and feel connected with these small thoughts about all of us. About life.

Retain information

The first one is about how we can work on our memory and retain information.

Compete with yourself

The second is about how there is should be no other competition.

Be yourself

Being yourself is the best version of you and that’s what one should focus on.

Trust yourself

When you are being yourself, have that trust on you which can help you grow.

Value your experience

Experience never lie. If you experience something value it, it is only experiences that make any learning, moment, situation alive..

Choose wisely

Once you know the value of being you and your experiences you know how to take decisions in life.

Understand the difference

Always and always understand the difference between what is real and what is not..

Share your experiences with any of the thought you feel connected with.

Stay blessed.

Stay connected..


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