Busy but not really

The pandemic has not only change the way we use to live our life but the way we use to think about lot of things..

Most of the time I find myself busy, but in reality I have not been that busy to not being able to reach you people.. I keep asking myself to write and still I wouldn’t write.

This is that time of the life, where even motivation itself is not enough motivated to push you a little. Everything is on rest for sure and mind in on a trip to keep itself busy.

Remember the days I decide to write anything are the day I win over those fake busy thoughts which doesn’t let me reach you. Though lot of things keep going and keep our mind engage but I believe those things would have been there earlier also.

Be careful of fake things and keep motivating yourself for the real thing..

But also don’t be harsh on yourself if you just don’t want to push..

Because selfcare is not harsh, self care is not forced, self care is when you push yourself and you know you are happy doing whatever you are doing and sometime you know it’s important, like cleaning your table can be a part of self care whether it makes you happy or not.

Stay tuned

Stay in touch

Be grateful if you survived today.


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