Counselor’s note

Memory tips are very important for all of us but most important for students who need to store lot of information in their mind.

The first memory Or retention tip for every child is to re-visit the content one has learned in the day. This is the basic 24 hour rule which to revise whatever you have learn within 24 hours of learning and then revise it in 48 hours and then 72 hours.

But how this re-visit will look like to younger kids that is to not add any new concept in the same day of learning, so if a child is not revisiting learned concept the chances are they are most likely to not retain that. We don’t want our young kids to memorize a lot but we definitely want them to retain.

So for retention make sure child is practicing Or revisiting whatever they have done in the first part of the day.

This tip is going to help students with different abilities also.


Stay happy, keep growing

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