Start your day with count your blessings, write 10 things you can be grateful for with reason, reread them and say magic words “Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou” after every statement.

This day seems to be the most special and also connected to what I believe in the most self love. Today you don’t need to think about the people around you, the things around you, you only need to think about how beautifully you have weaved your life, how beautiful you are inside out, in all the decision you make, in all the things you do. So today there is someone who is going to be grateful to you and that person is you only.

So today say magic words “thankyou” to yourself everytime you see yourself in the mirror. And if you are really brave (as the book says) you can write 3 things in you which you are grateful for.

So make today is a day of self love and feel grateful to yourself, all your mistakes and all your worries have no place in your life today and forever.

Before you sleep, hold magic rock in one hand and say magic words “thank you” for the best thing that happened today.

Stay tuned. Be grateful.

I don’t own the copy right of the book.

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