Start your day with count your blessings write 10 things you are grateful for with reason and day magic words “thankyou, thankyou, thankyou”

So today we are going to start with basic, what is the basic thing we need to survive… The air. Today we are going to be grateful for the air we breathe because that is the most magical thing one can be grateful for. Feel grateful to be alive because of the air you breathe.

For the five times today, stop and think about the fresh air that you breathe, take five deliberate breaths and feel the feeling of air moving inside your body and going out. After you have taken magical breathe say the magic words “thankyou for the magic air that I breathe” Be as grateful as you can feel with every breathe.

I want to tell you this is one of the best thing you are going to do today, believe in the magic of breathing like a natural process happen to all living being without any effort of ours and we have air around us for that always.

Before you sleep hold magic rock in your one hand and say magic words thank you for the best thing that happened today.

Stay tuned. Be grateful.

I do not own the copyright of the book.

3 thoughts on “THE MAGIC Day 23

  1. Thank you! I bought this book on Day Three of your journey. It is truly magical. For someone brought up in a cynical, rational positivist manner it is sometimes like climbing over barbed wire – there are a lot of blocks to overcome – but it is definitely worth it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for spreading this magic!

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