Start your day with count your blessings, write 10 things you are grateful for with the reason “why”. Re read the statements and say magic words ” thank you, thank you, thank you “

Today you can see the magic as start your day and as you move ahead with your daily routine.. So today’s day is going to be a little special, be it a day in office, or get together with friends or family, or any exam or anything which is important to you for the day.

At the beginning of the day, choose three things or situation that are important to you and where you want magnificent outcomes. List those things and write each one as you are writing after it has happened “Thank you for the magnificent outcome to _________________

As you go through your day, choose three unexpected events that come up in your day where you can be grateful for a magnificent outcome. Each time mentally say and feel “thank you for the magnificent outcome to _____________”

Before you sleep take magic rock in your hand and say thank you to the best thing that happened today.

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