The magic morning has even deeper understanding of why we need to be grateful for and from where one should begin.

So for today begin you day with magic words “Thankyou”, so as soon as you open your eyes say magic words for a new day for a new beginning and as you proceed with your morning routine say “thankyou” to everything which complete your morning, you toothbrush, your sleepers almost everything in the morning it self.

Continue with count your blessings task. Write 10 things you are grateful for with reason, as you read them say magic words “thank you thank you thank you”. Before you go to bed take magic rock in your hand and say thank you for the best things that happened today.

Stay tuned and write me your experiences if you are any of it. You can also refer to the book.

I don’t own the copyright of the book. Thank you Rhonda Byrne.

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