Day 2 went really well from choosing the stone to waiting for the night, as I thought of many good things that kept happening through out the day and It took time to choose the best thing, because every good thing that happens to you make you feel special.

For DAY 3, which is MAGICAL RELATIONS, as I went through this task, this reminded me to go back to psychology and logic how interpersonal relationships are important and how much do we need them to make us feel wanted, happy, loved and cared for. But coming back to THE MAGIC, I started thinking what is so magical about these relations and what is missing in that magical spirit we need to have and again the answer was same GRATITUDE. The book reminds us to feel grateful towards our relationships. Away from the world of all the complains we have about relations build a new world of gratitude.

THE TASK : As we have so many relations in life but not all of them are same, so we have to choose 3 closest relations we have, which are most important to us. Once we have selected three relations, take photograph of those three person and think about the most things you are most grateful for each person. It can be anything talent, behavior, wisdom, knowledge etc., after you have thought about it write five things you are grateful for about each person in a sentence structure given below “Thank you name of the person, for whatever you are grateful for” after you are done writing for each person, keep the photograph with you for the day where you can see that often and whenever you see them say those magical words “THANK YOU”

Stay tuned for the rest of the activities. share with me if you are trying.

I don’t own the copyrights of the book.


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