The safe space

What could be most safest place after womb.

After a child is born..

Or become a kid.

Or has become a teenage

Or even after being an adult..

It is very easy to call people HOME Or the SAFE SPACE because that is what we mean by home..

But in my recent experience or in my life I have not seen the safe space safer any more especially emotionally.

I have not seen kids feeling safe emotionally in what we call the most safe space, their family or their parents. They are not able to be themselves, what all they are is, what their parents think of their child should be.

Emotional abuse is very common among kids or even among partners now a days, there is no feeling of HOME in each others company, all couples fear about losing each other and keep doing things which they would never do.

I also see kids, adults, old age, women not feeling safe even physically.

That is the space we are most scared of lot of things now, we are afraid to be home, we are afraid to be safe or may be we don’t have a HOME now or we don’t have a safe space now.

All we have is, broken relationship with each others, with self and with kids and we keep trying to mend them.

Let’s start talking about those safe spaces again, let us start making each feel safe again.

Let’s build that HOME again. For the people around us, for ourselves. So that all of can be home again without any fear of being rejected, insulted or ignored.

Take care



4 thoughts on “The safe space

  1. Home is where a family lives. That must have value as a base from which trust will grow and spread love. A place is safe when unsaid responsibility and freedom exists. To be good is not a punishment rather it’s a means to happiness. Value life and it will reward you with peace.

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