Practicing mindfulness

In this time, when all of us are struggling to maintain a routine, we all end up participating in chaos around us.

This insight of being relaxed without doing anything and spontaneous reactions led to me to find out certain ways to “not to react” but to respond to chaos if at all I need to.

So every morning when I use to get I found my self engaged in something or the other even without thinking much about it. I would just do what comes around and ended up feeling disturbed throughout the day for not having a peaceful morning. I started feeling sad and lack of energy every morning.

Again the reality remains the same even in lock down, and that is you can not change people around you but you can the way you respond to them.

From today I have told my self to not participate in morning chaos of doing household chores first. I have started waking up a little early and preparing my self for the day by spending sometime with myself,  starting mindful breathing, doing a little bit of self talk rather than jumping into the outside chaos.

Remember nothing is going to change, everything else will remain the same. You will have to do the tasks you may not want to do, but can find the peace in doing if you can just work on your own mental well being.

Restore your sense of self, so before you move out of your room or out of your bed in the morning take few deep breaths, heal yourself, talk to yourself and prepare yourself for the day.



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