Surviving lock down

i have been thinking of writing since schools have been closed and we all have been locked down to protect ourselves from COVID 19, even after having so much of time I could not push myself for connecting to all of you and after 20 days of Lock down it is happening.

As we all are struggling with the same scenario across countries, i want to send prayers to you all and wish a speedy recovery of the situation.

Even though this COVID 19 is enough struggle for all of us to deal with but still i felt that it is important to come together as one and help each other to survive this difficult time.

I would like to share how me and my family taking care of our mental health during this time:

As the problem is not just the lock down also how people are forced to stay in situations which are not suitable for their mental health.

We prefer not to pick small fights, as spending so much time together can lead to lot of disagreements, so we prefer to either ignore flaws or stay calm, which is indeed a mindful and learning experience of how we could have learnt this earlier as well.

Giving Space is the next important things we keep in mind, as stay together doesn’t always mean to be on each other’s head as we have nothing else to do, so if I read other family member might sit and watch TV, we all need and deserve “ME time“.

Working out or Dancing out Together, as much as we prefer giving space we also prefer doing certain things together and one of them is Dancing or working out together, we make sure that we do some sort of dancing together.

We have also come forward to share household chores, as we all sit at home cooking and cleaning is not just women’s job anymore, we share cleaning task as well as cooking.

Playing Board games is another ad on activity to make this lock down a survival story.

All the above mentioned ways are not successful without taking care of SELF.

In the next post I will share about SELF CARE strategies,

mean while if all of you can also share your survival story, that might give all the people a way out in this difficult time.

Keep sharing

Stay Connected.




6 thoughts on “Surviving lock down

  1. It is noteworthy to appreciate anyone who writes in this pandemics. I think your article is a hope, filled with realistic actions. We need see this period as a time to wave to our loves ones, as if tomorrow may not exist. Thank you.

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