Imprisoning education

Time has come when education was suppose to set free us from the barriers of all kind it has now started bounding us in the way we should think, live and express.

Here I am talking about all the things which has been happening around us, which include removing books from library to teaching a particular religious books in school to teaching about a particular leader and it doesn’t end here it also include labeling of Person with disabilities by authorities in educational institutions, this all looks a little insensitive and rude but more than that it is about imprisoning minds through most important tool and that is education..


forcing us to read about only one religion without having choices to be able to reflect and choose what is right for us or what do I believe into as a person

not letting us to move towards one common goal. Education is incomplete if it doesn’t include all areas of life to be explored by the individual.

so when you think education as helping us to be neutral as a learner make sure before that your views are colored with what is society providing you or what society think education is.  just like before we are born we have religion, a life style, a family, a language and in almost everything we don’t a choice.

I could request you to be neutral learner but only if we had the opportunity to do that.. I would definitely request to be aware about what you are learning  to not be impacted the education which imprisoned with only one type of thought..




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