Missing self

For not being there
When we talk about being aware.. Not being there is also a part of awareness and also not being aware about the reason behind it..
I have struggled with this issue inside of being aware but unaware about the underlying reason.. And it disturb me this much to come back again and write..
Writing is something which gives me peace, a sense of being thoughtful, a sense of being mindful and also a sense being alive, sense of being aware.

Not had nothing to me with my thoughts not being but to not be able to free myself physically to give time to sit on computer and connect to the world out there, inside me I was connected to my surroundings, to the space beyond boundaries and now when I got the chance I am communicating this connection to all of you. .
I am welcoming myself back to the world of connections and thoughts..
To those virtual meetings
To those virtual interactions..
I regret for not being there
But I will be there


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