I feel motivated for getting connected for so long and I am also apologetic for not posting from months.

Coming back to this post it’s quite festive in India because of DIWALI and also lot of other festivals around it.

It is exciting and stressful as well and for the people who are close to nature it can be stress as this festival of lights also bring lot of pollution to the country and to all of them I want to wish you a diwali full of nature.. Full of plants.

I am sure that its going to be theraputic if you are into gardening and if you are not you can try that this time.

All the pictures I am using here are from my mother’s garden

She love doing this and the smile on her face when she sees a flower blooming or she sees any vegetable growing

I have never seen her this happy and I feel this can help anyone who is having any kind of stress in life.

Nature can heal almost any wound or can relieve any kind of stress.

So this festive season with all the lights around go green.

Lots of love.

Stay happy

Stay green

Stay blessed.


7 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. Absolutely beautiful photos.

    Nature speaks straight to the soul. The simplicity of its beauty can take your breath away. These pictures remind us to slow down and take in creation all around us. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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