Kind of non-education emergency

Living into a country where certain books are being banned where conversations are not deep much and where education is closing doors for people, I see this as a stage of emergency.

On this Teacher’s day where I feel proud to be a part education society I also feel scared about lot of things which are coming as shock or terror to the education society.

India in particular is at a stage of emergency where education is at stake and there are following things which come as a terror to me:

  1. conventional, Conservative method might come back into picture and education will again become limited to certain type of books only.
  2. Psychology and human connection might loose its space from education or may be from bigger system also..
  3. No more individualistic needs will addressed
  4. No more scholars will publish their work and put their views upfront openly
  5. Books, intellectuals, scholars, psychologists, educationists, philosophers having a revolutionary opinion will be behind the bars.

It is enough to tell us that we are entering into this emergency unconsciously and no doubt we will become slaves of what they want to teach us not what we want to Learn or explore.

There will definitely be schools, colleges, universities all the structures that are required to show that we are providing education but there will be no real education, no real growth.

It is time to think, but don’t share that will not be allowed from now.


7 thoughts on “Kind of non-education emergency

  1. Disheartening for sure.
    Here, in the US, I feel like somehow we are headed in similar directions (silencing of certain people/ books/etc).
    I hope we get to wake up before it’s too late.We are all slaves (to a degree), but enslaving your mind is a whole other level.

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  2. I beg to differ.

    You talk about a state of emergency where “No more scholars will publish their work and put their views upfront openly”. Could you name one Indian scholar/ intellectual who hasn’t been able to publish his/her work in the last 4 years?

    I guess we should be more worried about the boxy, stale nature of our education system than a phantom state-led emergency situation

    The linear strictures of our education are cut out to turn people into workers/employees and keep’em there for life. That’s what’s wrong with our education system. It is not meant for entrepreneurs.

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    • I guess there are different realities in different places I am taking about in context of what is happening presently in our country and definitely my statement is about future looking at present.
      I hope you are aware what is happening in our country.
      Thank you for sharing your opinion


  3. I thank you for bringing this subject to our attention. Just being aware of a situation can bring about change. It’s never too late to make changes. Let’s not accept the bleak outlook and move forward to educate and empower each other so that the outcome will be postive.

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