About not having a voice

Having a voice is one of the biggest empowerment and individualistic characteristic which help any individual to develop healthy with positive emotional well being and ability to develop various life skills.

But I see that happening very less, because somewhere people are either not aware about the harm it might have on people or they just neglect the fact that an individual need that to develop holistically.

As I work with children and adolescents more closely

I see the impact of things as simple as 

choosing what  they want to eat

choosing what they want to wear

choosing when they want to play (you as adult can always negotiate)

choosing when they want to study

choosing WHAT they want to want to study

or as simple as having an opinion different from their parents, their culture, their values, rituals or having a more humanistic revolutionary point.

As adults we have failed

in giving them space to be themselves

letting them voice out their opinions

in letting them grow at their own pace

in letting them bring change in what they could

in letting them respect their own feeling and learning to love one’s own self

in self care

and lot more..

We have failed them in being an individual.

voicing is not just about the ability to speak or share your opinions but also standing for what is right humanistic-ally, standing for their own rights, letting them be themselves and still sensitive about others.





8 thoughts on “About not having a voice

  1. I like this and I agree with what is stated but, we also need to remember as adults that we also need to remember there is a line. … Between child, childhood and adulthood as well. Don’t want to be a friend so much to your children that you forget to be a parent. Be open-minded. Show your child or children respect yes and you also want them to show you and others respect. You are here as the guide, guardian and protector of your child and children, until they are well and able to do for themselves and their off-springs. But the above is well stated so far. Parenthood is one of the most important jobs ever created. w

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