What about not carrying anything with you

This is one thing I have always believed and have always been successful with this approach while dealing with anybody…

I tried of not carrying any thoughts beforehand for any kind of situation (especially in professional aspects). I found this feeling as the most beautiful and relaxed when I am open and able to receive because I am not carrying at all and on the contrary If I would have carried everything till now I would have been tired, irritated, heavy and not able to receive anybody.. And that’s what all of us go through when we choose the difficult method of carry everything everytime..

I would give you the most easy and practical method of being lively, being full of love and acceptance and looking everybody with a new perspective everyday.. In the physical world also out of thoughts if we are carrying as less as we can, we set ourselves free and similarly you can do that with your thoughts, with your emotions, with your memory and even surprisingly with learning new things also..

As “you never meet the same person again”


“you never step into the same river again”

Just like that

“you never meet the same you again”

Then why to carry same emotions, same feelings, same thoughts.

Don’t you feel heavy, don’t you feel getting older with old thoughts and emotions..

What about not carrying anything at all

You will feel new

You will feel light-hearted

You will feel alive

Stay connected

Stay blessed

Take care


23 thoughts on “What about not carrying anything with you

  1. This is great. It’s a lesson I am learning at the age of 57 but better late than never. I have to set boundaries and not carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. There’s things that are not in my control so I have to let them be. They are not mine to carry. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts.

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