I love you

Love seems to be the most beautiful thing ever one could feel in their life..

For young people as young as 9-10year old to use this term “LOVE” is a great deal.

But greater than that how we let them express this.

Here I am talking about a incident happened where a child came to crying very badly..

I was rushing for a meeting but looking at him I had to cancel the meeting..

Child with tears rolling from his eyes requested me to suspend him from school.. When I asked him the reason.. It shook my heart.. The reason was because he said “I LOVE YOU TO SOMEONE” and I said what is wrong with that we lot of people around us.. He replied “no not that kind of I love you” and the fear of LOVE… Love what adult think it is, was such that he thought he has done some crime and hence to suspended..

I asked him to calm down.. Talked to the teacher and realised he had been investigated for the crime in the class where he may not wanted to talk about.

Now you will think what is wrong with that… If a child say I love you to anyone.. This is exactly what I asked so what is wrong with that..

To which teacher answered so should we announce in school that it is for anybody to say I love you…

I know the journey was difficult because when we have dirt in our thoughts that what we paas on to our young ones..

And to help the child to merge back in class after a shock of this sudden crime of loving someone we had to do something with the class.

We had to take a session on


Love which can’t have any other dimensions just purest form of feelings..

Love which should not be kept in boxes.

Love which should be a big deal when It is not available..

Not when it is expressed.

Please tell your child it is OK to love..

But it is never OK to hurt some one.

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