Deeper self

To try to understand people and students is best and most important part of being a counselor and special educator I worked with a child named A for almost 2.6 years and every day was a new challenge to understand him and his needs.

I truly had to give a psychoanalytic lens to lot of things A did but that may not always work in terms of strategies..

But this sharing will definitely help you all to understand how we can actually understand some of the things which doesn’t fall into any category but exist and leave you more and more confused.

So, A loves being a lion and at times hurt others, A loves everything about lion and also color yellow.. At times A would say that he want to drink all the water of ocean or want to kill everyone in the world. A is only six year old.

So today he is very angry to the extent that he started crying, on being asked about the reason of this feeling he stated I am not letting him finish the world.. (symptoms of grandeur existing most of the time)

I gave him a tissue and asked him to finish it, A teared it and litter on ground, I told A that it still exists

He cried even badly but that was the first time he realised that he can’t finish the world and his small world, his omnipotence power seemed useless.

This was the first time I tried to use psychoanalytic understanding to target his fears and behaviour.

These kind of episodes continued, A had sensory issues which made him spit a lot but the way he expressed his discomfort regarding the same made me use this perspective again and every new incident he became a deeper mystery and all his symptoms reflected grandeur syndrome..

A wanted to finish all his spit from his mouth, wanted to drink the whole ocean, wanted to kill everyone, kill every animal and be the king but still wanted to be loved.

Another psychoanalytic trigger was when he made a connect about father and mother and me and him, he would ask me everyday whether I loved him or not..

Innocence on his face and actions made it easier for me to spend days with him..

Now he is another school but always remembered for the pure love he had, irrespective of what he was struggling with.

Much love to all the children, Angels on earth.

3 thoughts on “Deeper self

  1. He sounds in need of lots of love. I used to tell stories to my kids where the little weak guy wins to show might isn’t always right. The lion with a nasty great thorn stuck in his paw might be good. He asked each of the animals in turn if they could pull it out with their beak, claws or paws and they were all too scared because he was so fierce and powerful. He would kill and eat all the animals because he was king. Everybody was scared they would be killed and eaten. Then along comes a tiny weak little mouse who was very brave, kind and gentle everybody loved him. He went up to the lion and pulled the thorn right out. The lion was very grateful and did not kill him. Not sure if this is any help.

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