Refreshing perspectives

Sometimes all you need is a different perspective or you may be you already had those perspectives those ideas but somewhere they are not very visible to you. Here I am talking about the recent experience I had about the most crucial and beautiful perspectives about acceptance or may be freedom or natural or may be what we call as normal. And that beautiful perspective is

Everyone has some or the other special need

I was in a workshop last day and the workshop was about special educational and counselling processes in our organisation for which we used the method of appreciative enquiry. We were devised in groups and Every group had to share their experiences in past 2 months about the same..

One group started their discussion with “everyone have some special needs ” and the discussion continues with thoughts like that we only have special needs when we are to FIT someone in a structure, to generalise this whenever you will have a structure to fit people into you will have “special need” to fit into that structure and if we look it outside the structure everyone is unique the way they are and they are beautiful in their own skin, in their own functioning, in their own life.. They are perfect.

And when we say we work with special need then deep down the only work we do is to fit them in some or the other structure be it family, be it society, school, community etc etc.

Normalcy itself is a structure to identify special whereas those who want to be counted as normal have to give up their uniqueness.. Their special need.

Deep but true.


6 thoughts on “Refreshing perspectives

  1. Most of our special needs adults where I work are able to fit in well in the community with support. We do have some that are so unpredictable and violent they are escorted two to one at all times. They still get the enjoy being out and being part of the community as much as possible while the public are kept safe. All the people I work with are classed as vulnerable adults but then aren’t we all sometimes? They just need extra special care to have a safe happy life.

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    • Things are different in different places and there is a long journey we need to take to reach to that level where everyone is living respectfully and being taken care of.
      Thanks for sharing such beautiful experience

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