Love it or hate it

It may sound very emotional, I might repeat my sentences but this is important to be said..

This is not the first time I have realised this but this realisation keep coming to me whenever it’s needed in my life to my conscious and the best part is you can’t do anything about that but wait and watch.

Here I am talking about the things we HATE in our life and when I am using the word “hate” I am aware about the intensity of this feeling.. No matter how much you hate certain things in your life you have no option but to accept it or may be we can we have to love it.. You can’t run away from certain things and that doesn’t even seems to have a solution like the decisions we take no matter how much we hate about the consequences of those decisions we have the responsibility to take it forward or even not but to find other alternatives

These are certain realities which cannot be glorified in real sense but you can to love it or hate it..

Like if you choose to travel tha world and never meet the same person again you should be able to love the fact that you probably never meet the person you love or may be you can hate it but reality will not change till the time you don’t change your decision.

Choosing to be responsible for your own feeling, thoughts, emotions and connections with other can always be ambivalent but it is THE THING.

If you are going to take responsibility you are going to take it.. If you are going to leave it you are going to leave it and if in your decision someone is hurt, accept the fact that they are hurt.. You probably shouldn’t be doing anything about it because it’s their problem but to change their emotion by fighting is not at all your problem accept it and move ahead even if you hate it. But acceptance that need love.

So love it or hate it..

It’s up to you. But accept it..

And for that you need LOVE

13 thoughts on “Love it or hate it

  1. This is true. I dont like the house we live in but i try to turn into something i love. I love that my son has lived his entire life here and living here has taught me a few life lessons that you can only really learn from experience and I love that. 🙂 Wonderful post!

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  2. Thank you.
    So, do you think it’s okay to love your hate?
    I mean, I have spontaneously arising anger – it comes out of nowhere.
    I’ve hurt people with it in the past.
    I grew to be able to control it, but lately I’ve been finding it very useful when standing up for injustice and inequality. So now I sort of love it. Is this wrong?


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    • You should be settled inside whether it’s love or hate. And if settling means hurting others then probably you can find out other ways of doing things expressing your anger. Because no matter how much you hate something you have no right to hurt others and also your self..
      Great that you shared. 😊

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  3. I have many regrets in my life but thankfully each one has become less painful than it was. I have come to terms with most of it and accept who I am now . Hate almost destroyed me and love has saved me.

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  4. So true, after all, you are the one who gets to decide weather to see a positive side or a negative side. It’s all about how you perceive it, as you said, ” be responsible for your own feeling,”.
    It sounds really cheesy but you only live once, so why not trying to LOVE it as much as you can, right? 🙂

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