On being a teacher

Being is a profession with related to teaching and school there are lot of insights and learning i could collect every day.

I wish I could tell people what all things teacher teaches but more that they share about what they learn everyday from those who are just living their lives full of curiosity.

Being a teacher or in education field it’s definitely about the content but more than that it’s about lot of other things..

It’s about being a learner

It’s about having patience when you know it’s your Saturation point but still you don’t breakdown

It’s about those morning hugs and wishes

It’s about the way you listen with all wonders in your eyes even if you have heard the same thing thrice

It’s about love..

It’s about the art with which you choose perfect words to reach to every child.

It’s about all those moments when you choose to be a student than a teacher or facilitator.

Being in this profession brings you all the strength and joy to live your life again with students..

Great strength and love to all the teachers in the world..

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