When you move out of your comfort zone

This post is about what happens to you and your life when you move out of your comfort zone..

First is you start growing.. Growth can be seen in many ways.. It can be health related or career or study..

Second is you start challenging your self which will definitely expand your abilities and potential and will create opportunities and possibilities for you..

Third is you will realize all your fears are fictional because in your comfort zone they are real very much real but outside that zone they are just thoughts..

Fourth is you will replace your regrets with excitement because you are more able to do things you wanted and you enjoy achievements.

Fifth is you will be able to laugh at what you were and laughing is healthy way of being and growing.

Sixth is you will get to know more about your strengths and weaknesses which will help you to become a better person.

Seventh is you will boost your self confidence this is one of the best things to happen..

Eighth is you will be more satisfied with your life and that’s how we know we are living a good life

Ninth is you will realise and appreciate the power of being out of comfort zone and you know discomfort leads to success..

Tenth you start inspiring others and that’s the best part when people get inspiration from you..

Life is always more about the challenges you take, how satisfied and confident you are, how you choose to inspire others and so on.. And everything beautiful happens in a place where you have never been..

Inspired by @oskar nowik


Thank you for inspiring..

9 thoughts on “When you move out of your comfort zone

  1. I have to face moving out of my comfort zone for a week from now, while house and dog sitting. Although I don’t mind whatsoever, helping my friend out, I already know that my insomnia will kick in because I will be in unfamiliar territory. I will have to keep driving back a forth between my home and hers in order to take care of all the pets. I don’t like driving that much either. So, it should be a challenging week with my anxiety and insomnia combined.


  2. Absolute yes to every point you stated!! When I got back out there and started teaching and guest lecturing at various colleges and universities in my area, it was a huge leap outside of my comfort zone. But, the only way people will learn is if we get out there and talk about things and pass along knowledge and share. I regularly encourage people in my circles to take that leap… some do it successfully, others get sucked back down into the abyss by the old stories that they tell themselves. It does take work to break free, but once you do, you become unstoppable… that’s when you blaze a trail for others to follow.

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  3. When someone first reads this post, it can be easily discounted as one of those “easier said than done” posts. But, when you read it 2 times and start reflecting on the points you make above, you start understanding what it really means. I am in Introvert and was working in IT for almost 2 decades, doing work and living life that was unfulfilling. My comfort zone kept me safe, all the time, at least that’s what I thought and I was always loyal to it. The choices that I made back then were from my comfort zone. But, when I stepped into my calling as a leap ahead coach for Introverts, I realized two things:
    1. Because something feels familiar does not automatically make it the best or most strategic way to proceed (i.e. our current comfort zone)
    2. And, just because something feels unfamiliar and uncomfortable doesn’t validate it as the best choice, either. (i.e. outside of our comfort zones).

    But, living point 2. is far far more fulfilling and superior than staying in the cage of our comfort zones. Here’s something that hit me like a meteorite. It was from Jim Carrey’s commencement address video. Gist of what he said was “Fear is always going to be a player in your life, but you
    get to decide how much. So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality (i.e. our comfort zone.) What we really want seems impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect, so we never dare to ask the universe for it. I’m saying, I’m the proof that you can ask the universe for it. Your job is not to figure out how it’s going to happen for you, but to open the door in your head and when
    the doors open in real life, just walk through it. Don’t worry if you miss your cue. There will
    always be another door opening. They keep opening. You can fail at what you don’t want, so you
    might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”

    And, so here I am living outside the cage of my comfort zone and living my purpose in coaching for introverts. If I can do it, so can you!!

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