On Rationalization

Rationalization is higher order ego defense used by 99% of people, they tend to rationalize EACH and EVERY action and feeling of themselves and not just self but each and every action or feeling of others..

Just as we can’t live without giving reason to each and everything or our life will be in trouble if we don’t have reason for something..

One of the famous poet just gave words to what I feel about this and I am so thankful to that person for this..


Knowing someone in a comprehensive way can be 

A little frustrating

When I detect the waving red flag presence

Of rationalization.

How can I truly understand who they are

Deep inside

When their outside thoughts, their words, are


When their outside thoughts are


Sometimes, rationalization is simply

An effort

To salve an ego dinged by a pellet of error,

A mistake

Colored up so a person knows it wasn’t

His fault.

Probably, those instances aren’t important enough

To matter.

But other times, rationalization is something much more


When a person is fabricating a chain of reasoning,

A cover-up,

For something they believe but know deep down

Is wrong,

Then, the only conclusion I can make is

To distrust.

One only needs to remember what slave owners did

To excuse

Themselves from treating slaves like the people

They truly were.

The oligarchy of the South actually wrote books

Of instruction

Claiming that slaves were stupid and could not


And that they had to be treated like children —


And that, like children, they might have to be disciplined


So, slave owners gave themselves reasons to take away


Thus, today when I hear politicians saying people are


When I hear them saying that people don’t deserve


When I hear these propagandists discouraging people

From voting,

And justifying all of this by saying people are nothing but


Then, I become suspicious about whether they are honest

About anything.

                                                                                                                             by Terry Roice


Share your ideas about term rationalization.. and how it has ruined beautiful but irrational things..

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