Special education: most lovely encounters

In my five years of experience I have worked as a special educator and counselor both and the most beautiful about this field is the opportunity to talk to most purest lobby of human beings and that is children.

Every day was filled lot of love, hugs and compliments, and children who struggle to find words, when they express love with their gestures that makes everything great.

A child with different needs is not just a blessing to parents but also a blessing to people who work with them, only because of them we are able to develop immense patience and acceptance. While writing this, lot of incidents are coming in my mind about the most beautiful souls I have encountered in my journey as a counselor and special educator.

I still remember one of my child asking me in every session do I love him or and every time I had to tell him that I do love him.. I still remember he telling me how I don’t allow him to finish the world and crying out loud..

In all those moments, one very important thing all our beautiful souls need is complete acceptance and helping strategies for them to grow, they definitely want to grow out lot of issues they face in living up their life every day, as adults our task is not to tell them what is not so right but how to make them feel right and help them do right.


One of my child once asked me to sooth him when he was crying as if he was very clear about what he wanted in that moment of life and nothing else could help him.. and believe our young ones are more clear what they want than adults..

So next time don’t tell any child what to do but help them understand how to do…


One thought on “Special education: most lovely encounters

  1. For over 9 years a person with Down’s syndrome has been part of my life. She is delightful. She brings such a welcoming and loving spirit to all those she encounters. I am glad you enjoy your work! I worked with adults with severe mental illness, a different group but still they showed great kindness to each other.

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