Happy holi

Holi is one of the most famous festivals in India and it is played in most of the States with different names..

It is a festival of colours, sweets, friendship

and happiness, water and balloons added to it later on..

What is one thing people miss out in such festivals is confusing fun with being intimidating, most of the girls feel insecure during this time of the year and not just girls people walking on streets or driving two wheelers.. Because parents,, oh they are so busy in telling their children “go out and play”, but with whom and how, they always miss that..

Balloons are other threat because every year there are end number of cases come up about accidents and injuries during this period of the year.

I wish parents could tell their children how safety is more important than any kind of fun.. And also play is two sided, other party should also participate then only it is play otherwise it is teasing, hitting, bullying and many more..

Play holi.. With colours, with people who know you and you know them, with love and affection, with respect and care..

Play holi because playing is fun..

Happy holi to all.

Enjoy. With your people.

Stay happy.


9 thoughts on “Happy holi

  1. I love the colours and sense of fun whenever I have seen photos of Holi celebrations. When I upend my bucket of deadheaded flowers into my compost bin, I often think it looks like the colours from the Holi festival. I am sorry that it is marred by some bad behaviour.

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