Love: falling or growing 

Love is one of the most beautiful feeling in the world with different emotions at one time. But more than a feeling love is the most glorified “concept” and people talk about it with much of either pain or pleasure.
I find difficult to understand when people talk about falling in love, falling to me is very momentary, it’s like slipping off but when you balance yourself you are no more falling and similarly when you get up after “falling in love” there is no more love, because when you fall you are no more conscious of that fall because a love is supposed to be a free fall where you don’t expect anything from the from the other..

In that “free fall” you are conscious of what you are doing, but “falling in love” actually can be painful because of the expectation we put into that “fall”, someone to hold and all..

To me, it is about growing, it is about growing that immense feeling and free expression, where you grow in love and at some point of time you become that love, In LOVE you keep growing inside, you keep blossoming like a flower, not in FALLING love but GROWING love.

I somewhere read that

“If your relationship doesn’t make you a better person, than you are with wrong one”
Author Unknown

To some extent I literally believe this, your relationship should help you to grow in all areas of life, and especially in terms growing sensitive about the human kind, about all the relationships around.

But more that I believe in intrapersonal growth, if you are not able set your partner free and after “falling in love” you keep all the control than that is falling literally, you have fallen from human standard, and those who grow in love eventually grow inside more, they actually love themselves to be able to love their partner more, they have higher level of sensitivity towards everything nature has given us, because you don’t just somebody when you grow in love, you become love to be given to the nature and everything around..

Don’t just fall in love,, grow in love..
Be conscious
Be aware

Don’t just love
Become love


17 thoughts on “Love: falling or growing 

  1. Great work!, The thing most people don’t realize when “falling in love” is that the person whom they’ve “fallen in love” with only acts as an catalyst for the love they themselves hold inside of them. Unfortunately this leads to codependency in most cases because people fail to realize they are the source of this love….sorry for the long comment lol but your on point…..thank you!

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