Creation in destruction

As counselors we go through this process almost everyday with ourselves and also with out clients but most importantly when we do it with ourselves we are filled ambiguity of what is going to be built and what are we going to lose in order to break.

Building something in someone or in yourself still give you some amount of satisfaction because it is something you might have been wishing to build on or something you know is going to help in longer run. Building is about creating and creation is another form of destruction.. breaking..

In order create something you destroy something..

But breaking… or destruction… It kills anyone like anything because it give you the most difficult strand of emotions from fear to insecurity to uncertainty, all the vulnerability at same time. You are not aware what are you going to create but you surely know what are you going to destroy.. and in this process of  destruction and creation we grow with immense experience and learning..

At times all the negative emotions are worth at least when you are aware that you are definitely going to create something..

Be it your personal life or be it with your client, in all the processes of counseling.

Every breaking is worth it.

Every Destruction is worth it, if its about creation.

Stay Hopeful. Stay Strong.


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