New perspective

For parents, We get the children we deserve, whatever prominent personality traits your child have.. It is for you.

In life, We get the situation/problems we deserve.

For teachers, we get the students we deserve.

In relationships, we get the partners we deserve.

So I was in a workshop by one great psychologist in India and he said this and it just solved everything out for me..

Don’t take it wrong, but when you are in a difficult situation and someone say you deserve it, whatever they mean by it let it be their meaning..

but for you, it’s not because you have done something to deserve this, but because there is something in this situation which is going to bring a new learning altogether.

A new skill may be which you never had.. Or something you may need to become a better version of yourself.

Keep learning, stay positive.


18 thoughts on “New perspective

  1. we all can learn and grow stronger mentally and emotionally through struggles. I think of trees that are planted in regions that they are not best suited for – where they do not develop strong roots and the first drought, or fierce wind, or calamity will knock them over. Then you see trees that are a thousand years old in some places. Overcomers.

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