The loving woman


To all the man who ever thought that their woman only love them..
To convince yourself this thought is great..
But to have a deeper understanding of this..  A woman can never love only one man in her life..  Mostly..
She carries love everywhere,  to who so ever she meet..
In today’s time it might not look true because we have different defence mechanism to not express love to all the people we meet.
But a woman carry love to all the places,  she falls in love with everyone who give her a sense of self,  and out of all those men who ever gave her a sense of self..  She chose you..  And that’s what matter..
She will always carry love for all the men she ever like or laughed with..  But with you she will express all that love with everything she has and therefore you are special..

You are not special because she only loves you, you are special because she chose you because you are above all the love she ever had..

She chose you because you make more sense to her and you have no comparison to all the other male she ever met.
But remember she still carry those part of love for many people who came across or with whom she befriended..

So when you ask her about her past relationships make sure you are ready to take her honest response because she is not suppose to love only one person…  Because still she chose you..

Unlike others she doesn’t just move out because a part of her love someone else..   She stays because more part of her love you more.

And if this is Re-union you are lucky  to have her..

But never ever ask her to unlove someone to love you..

Be it her choice
Be it her matter.
The more you let her make choices the more she loves you..
Just to end this..
Controlling anybody’s thoughts or feelings only makes that person more conscious..
And a conscious being never blossom to his/her fullest.

Here I am not just talking about romantic love..  I am talking about all kind of love..



28 thoughts on “The loving woman

  1. I’m sorry but i don’t agree with this.😀 I’m not sure you’re defining Love here , women’s love, OR, you’re defining just women.., some of them like you’re defining men but again “some of them”!! Word by word it can also be, “The loving man”. But i feel Love is not to debate which gender is more into loving and in what ways..!! Love is also not about following do’s and don’t for any of the genders. Let love be love, its us men and women who degrade Love. But again, its us men and women who keep it alive.. together..,in different forms,in different ways!! ☺️

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  2. OMG! I love this. Thank you for clarifying this, for offering me insight to myself and easing my guilt. You’re absolutely right, we carry love for many people. The important part is who we choose to be with, who we place our trust in and who we share our life with. 😍

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  3. Love this post, so honest in so many ways. At first i was cautious, i was like “a woman can only love one man, what is she talking about?” But as i read on i began to understand where your coming from. Thank you for clarifying a woman’s side of how she loves.

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  5. OK. But make one more and last promise. You will become one of my happy but still a “past” relationship and drop me back to this prison of men on Mars where I have some great male friends too. I miss them already before hopping on this “one way ticket” to Venus.

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