One of the most fancy term it is now a days but to understand the essence of this word we need to live it not just understand it in words but feel it in every moment.

The common phrases around this term are

Be mindful about what you say to other…

Be mindful about you actions

Be mindful about your thoughts about others and self

But rarely have we been able to talk about mindfulness as an internal journey, mindfulness as self-care, mindfulness about internal growth, mindfulness as top most religious practice in all

IMG_20170930_073503religions and not just religion in every part of learning, because mindfulness is not just about the being mindful in relation to others but more than that being mindful in relation to self, being mindful about what you do to yourself in all those moments when you were mindful about others.

In depth, mindfulness starts with self, with every second you don’t take care of yourself, you miss a moment of being mindful about yourself, you can still be mindful and take care of others but that is the higher level of mindfulness.

But to start with, you can bring your every action into awareness, you can be all LOVE to all the things around and to yourself, you can be aware about everything you do and also everything you don’t do and the most important is just being not as a thinking being but as a living being.   


Mindfulness is being aware about the fact that every moment lived by you is a master piece you might have been missing from years. You breathing is a miracle because end number of processes are involved in it, which a brain can’t even imagine and that is happening to you,, be aware of that magic and that is the beginning and end of MINDFULNESS.




 Encounter everything that happens to you or everything that happen around you.

23 thoughts on “Mindfulness 

  1. Mindfulness is a beautiful thing. I myself am practicing mindfulness and intentionality. Making sure I am fully aware of all my choices and the potential consequences. And in general just be conscious of life. Nice post!

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  2. Neuroscience has now documented all the benefits.

    Meditating let’s thoughts pass by, the mind empty and clear.

    The right side of the brain we are transported to, does not even know there is a past or future.

    It only knows this present moment, it does not judge or have words or thought.

    Great post

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