Lost child

Here comes another blog about children and their development, as I have been working closely with students, I find this topic connected to me.

In this era of technology and smartphones, the most impacted lobby is our young ones.

Because neither they are adults not technology is the need of their age, they can be fascinated with that but it is not what they need in this age. Technology has took over almost every things. I would like to name the few especially for our young one in their different areas of development.

Social aspect: There was a time when social interaction was easily available to all the children with children of their age group, as they use to play together and playing together is LEARNING, which is now limited to only smart phones, so social interaction is missing.


Physical aspect: The lesser the group playing is the lesser the development in physic of the child, they are still doing great because of the exposure available through physical activities.

Cognitive aspect: This is quite a difficult aspect to share as students are doing great in the examinations and other areas where cognitive aspects are implied but at the same time there are demerits of how children as supervision is not available from parents side in this life of social media.

Holistically the most important aspect here is that every child is at a loss of something or the other if we talk about socio-emotional aspect. There is no family time available for children to find that anchor in the family, talks are generally based on homework, studies, tuition or the other end going out with friends, as friends are the new definition of family.

So discussion around values, sensitivity, new learning is almost missing even from so called healthy family.

In the coming times, this gap is going to increase if we all don’t take out sometime and think about what need to be done for that, If do not think about how to stop my child from losing from the family as well as himselfwp-15157625882971598700128.jpg

This gap is going to increase if we don’t take any active action about family being the most safe and precious place for our child, if we don’t take out time as “no social media time”

If we don’t initiate real talks where both are equally participating as the most important aspect of family time.

Though this is not going to remove the impact of technology but will definitely create a positive impact on emotional wellbeing.


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