All about life

In all the post I have shared till now, there is some or the other aspect of life but from the perspective of being a counselor, how life turns out to be when you are a counselor is completely different, just like a person from another planet.

So this question is very relatable to all the people who have ever attempt to study Psychology..

“Oh you are studying psychology then you must be able to read faces, right?”

To which I want to tell you that, next time somebody ask you the same question, tell them..

“I don’t know about faces but I can surely read actions”

Another most ….

I would say disturbing thing is to not have the liberty to enjoy all emotions,,

Being a counselor is great, but losing the sense of being a human at the same time is dangerous..

Like I have been asked many times,

“how can you be angry, you have studied psychology or you are the counselor”

“of course I had studied, but unfortunately my university forgot to took away my emotions when they handed over me the degree, and yes dear I can feel angry but because of my journey with psychology I am better placed to know how to respond to that anger, just like with your kind of education you must have learnt to dealt with something or the other”

In this journey of life, all of us have our own kind adviser Around giving us end number of advises,,

But in the end it’s your life, their advice is from the perspective of life they have lived, from the journey they had, from the experience they gain and if you have the same experiences, using that experience would be completely different and

I am damn sure YOURS is completely different.

Live life for your own sense of peace, for your own sense of journey, for your own sense of self.

This is just one part of one perspective of life and definitely there are more other perspective of life form different perspectives,

Share your kind of perspective of life in the comment section..

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12 thoughts on “All about life

  1. I am a counseling psychologist and i can relate with every word u have written. Really so true and amusing at times.
    Well written. Looking forward for more.

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  2. Thank you so much for finding and following my blog. One thing I love about counseling is the fact that no two days are alike. I embrace the fact that God has created us individually. Sometimes counseling is like a treasure hunt – but for others so they can discover the gem they really are in life. God doesn’t make Junk – if he made us we aren’t junk. Continue on and I’ll enjoy reading future posts, Blessings back, 🙂

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  3. Thank you for the post. So True. As a former Buddhist monk I was often told that “you monks must live very peaceful lives.” I smiled, thinking of the day one monk in the refectory punched another full in the face over some annoyance. We are human. Human beings hurt, feel, expect, love and get annoyed. It is in the quality of the response that matters, I think.

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  4. Oh yes, we healers and helpers are allowed to be human, too. How else can you have empathy, except by sharing experience?

    May you live in contentment.
    May you have good health.
    May you rise to your challenges.
    May you grow spiritually.

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  5. “Being a counselor is great, but losing the sense of being a human at the same time is dangerous..” this is so good and so true. I’m exhausted today so my apologies for not being more eloquent but as a fellow clinician I’m appreciating your insights.

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