Balance: growing together

While talking to one of my client I realized that all of us seek some kind of balance in our life but at the same time we have been using empowerment and other sensitive issues to create imbalance around us in many ways.

Inclusion is being misused, as we all know it is ideal and important to include all kind of learners in any learning process, but in return what is learner doing about it, what kind of responsibility learner will take for the same, to complete the process of learning which is the basic objective of making learning available to all.

How does it harm you to learn new language or to understand new things, this is what you came for, isn’t it, you came to learn?


How does it harm the institution to understand and accept that THIS learner is doing this for the first time or may be have done several times but still need support and acceptance.

We have lost the essence of empowerment and inclusion.

We lost the essence that empowered is the one who can use his/her ability to the best when required.

We have used the word empowerment in the worst ways, somewhere in the way we have completely discarded mutual respect over empowerment..

We have misunderstood empowerment over taking irresponsible decisions…

We have lost the balance for which words like inclusion and empowerment were made..

Let’s find out the balance of being empowered without disrespecting others empowerment


Let’s find the balance of being a learner and growing holistically and being a welcoming institution to understand the needs of learner


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