Present: Be here now


“You never step into the same river twice” – Heraclitus

Being in the moment is the ultimate destination of this journey of life, but at the same time most difficult thing to understand. Because there is nothing called present
 and everything is supposed to be in present only 

Confused: You must be
Because being in present is actually that confusing, but extremely simple at the same time.
This is what our different spiritual guiders have been telling us.

Because present is actually that fraction moment which just passed by when you were reading this line and now there is another present in front of you.

And therefore Heraclitus said, “You never step into the same river”
or you never meet the same person again

Because the moment you have lived is gone and when you lived something you have the experience of living a moment, which have change something in you even as simple as your age, as simple as the time you have spent on earth in street of a city of a particular country with certain kind of people, your biological condition have changes. So whatever have changed in you have also changed in another person and not just biological but if you see minutely even the psychological experience of those moments bring something with you and there end number of perspectives to it.

But for now if this is the case then carrying every present moment as past can be too heavy for any human being to deal with. Complexity of understanding self and other will also be too much if you get engrossed in thinking about it this way.

But the acceptance that just like I am changing every minute people around me are also changing every minute so what is true for today may not be true tomorrow, will actually help us to live with inside peace and less cluttered self.

So you never meet the same self again.
So the best thing to be is being in present and remember present is that fraction of minute which just passed by when you were busy in reading this and now is another present in front of you.
Cherish it.

Welcome your new self every moment and welcome new people with old faces every minute.

Because you truly can’t step into the same river again, can’t meet the same you again and can’t meet the same other again. 

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