How much do you know

We all are willing to know more about others life than our own,,  because that’s is what is more interesting than any thing else..

But when it comes to self we generally think that we know everything about ourselves..

But all the psychological theories suggest that we only know 30% about ourselves and in that 30% of knowledge about ourselves we are aware about very less percentage when it comes to everyday working..

And in this inward journey of being aware…

We must start a inward journey about ourselves..  It can start with anything as simple as what is most exciting thing  about your favourite food or how did you find the balance between not agreeing to somebody without getting angry..

Be aware about everything inside you..  Bring everything into your awareness and let it go as it has no impact on you and slowly you will start feeling that things/situations actually don’t impact you.

Being aware is the key to know about yourself..

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