Depression: need to know more

Depression is commonly spread disorder now a days and we all know that it is much more deeper than the normal sadness or grief we have felt..

But to identify symptoms of depression we also need to know what depression is not…

There are few things which depression is not..

1. Depression is not just sadness.

2. Depression is not a choice, nobody choose to be depressed.

3. Depression is not a disease or disability.

4. Depression is not momentary.

5. Depression is not conscious over thinking, although it may also be caused by over thinking but not consciously.

And yes those who are going through this difficult phase of life.. Their care taker can keep few things in mind…

1. Never ever ask a depressed person to get over it..

2. Don’t force them to socialize.

3. Don’t blame them for their condition, as we all know now that it is not a choice.

4. Don’t lecture around being positive looking for a solution, create positive environment around them.

5. Help them to talk it out.

If you are not able to do any of the above take out side help.

So next time you talk about depression.. Be aware about these things.

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