Life rush

This thought Came to my mind when I was coming from somewhere and generally we see people in HURRY,,,  we see people in rush..

All of us are running..  And if we see closely we clearly don’t know what are we rushing/running for…

So is there any moment where you going to stop and say I don’t want to rush anymore?

Is there any destination we are rushing for and are we sure we are going to relax after that?

Don’t waste your life in rushing for a life because you already have one…

All you need to do is be aware..

Be aware what are you running for..

Be aware when are you going to relax and if that moment can be present..

Do it now.. Relax now..

On the road while driving..

On the dinning table while eating and

Anything or everything whatever you are doing..  Do relax for a minute.

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